Euro Star Tamina Riding Breeches Full Grip


SKU: 7961711837436-euro-star-tamina-riding-breeches-full-grip


Chic Tamina FullGrip ladies’ riding breeches. The feminine, fashionable sport breeches remain subtle yet offer a number of fine details as eye catchers: Vertically above the right thigh, there is a “Be Diff’rent” print in contrast look in curved letters. Thanks to their piping in a different colour and their colour spiral zips, the two front pockets come in a low-key three-colour design. Small valuable can be kept here. Curved decorative seams above the thigh give the breeches a sporty, functional look. The Tamina FullGrip ladies’ breeches have a silicone full seat applied in shark-teeth look. The full grip ensure extra secure hold in the saddle. The elastic leg ends ensure an extra level of wearing comfort.


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