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  Horses are designed to trickle feed – grazing for up to 16 hours a day.  This means that they need to constantly secrete acid to help digest this almost continual source of food entering their stomach. A grazing horse will also produce up to 9 gallons of saliva a day which as well as lubricating the food, also acts to buffer or neutralize the acid.


  • Powerful and effective liquid formulation to help maintain gastric health and comfort.
  • Contains key ingredients to help support gastric health, including pectins, lecithin, aloe vera, marshmallow root, glycine, liquorice.
  • Provides nutritional support to help maintain a healthy gastric pH, including calcium and magnesium carbonates.
  • Contains  natural prebiotics from chicory
  • BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited, ensuring our products do not contain prohibited substances and are suitable for horses competing under FEI regulations and the Rules of Racing.



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