Horslyx Balancer


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Horslyx is a balancer, supplied in a palatable lick, containing an optimum level of vitamins, minerals and trace elements all in one tub. A balancer supplies a balance of nutrients that are deficient in the horses basal diet which is typically forage based. All Horslyx Balancers are extremely low in starch, making them suitable for horses, which can react unfavourably to traditional cereal based diets. Horslyx Balancers are made by an exclusive cooking process, using the highest quality ingredients. This makes them a unique product, which comes with a whole host of benefits to you and your horse. This also enables the product to be weatherproof and more cost effective than many other products on the market. Horslyx Balancers do not contain any genetically modified feed ingredients or any chemical hardeners, artificial colours or preservatives. All Horslyx Balancers are based on the Original Horslyx formula which supports all round health and vitality; whilst added ingredients in Garlic, Mobility, Respiratory and Pro Digest Balancers provide additional support allowing owners to target nutritional requirements with just one product. In addition, Horslyx Mint Balancer offers all the benefits of Original with a refreshing mint flavour.


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