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Insect repellent collar for horses. 

100% natural repellent collar. 
Contains a blend of active natural origin effective against flies, gnats, mosquitoes, horseflies, flies, ticks … the collar is effective 1 to 2 months. 
Once released on the surface of the collar, the active ingredient migrates over the entire surface of the body by diffusion into the sebum that covers the epidermis. 
By evaporation, it forms a permanent halo that permanently protects the horse from head to tail. Also protects the rider. 
Manual :
Place the necklace at the neck of the horse, closer to the head. Adjust the length of the collar by tightening without being too tight or too relaxed and secure the collar with the two fasteners attached. Cut the excess part of the collar. 
This part can be suspended in boxing. 
Replace the collar as soon as parasites appear. 
The collar does not fear the water or the perspiration of the horse. 
1.05 meter 
Keep dry and cool. 


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