Haas Kinderkardatsche Brush


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The HAAS Kinderkardatsche Brush is the perfect brush to make grooming fun for the young equestrian.

It is made with natural horsehair for outstanding quality. This brush is the perfect size for small hands with a smaller loop for the perfect fit. This brush comes in assorted multi colors for the perfect addition to any grooming kit. As always the HAAS line of brushes is the benchmark for all horse grooming brushes. For almost a century HAAS has specialized in the development and manufacture of brushes for all aspects of horse grooming. The combination of bristles, craftsmanship and modern production technology ensures extraordinary quality and longevity of all HAAS products. This commitment to quality equals happiness for horses, owners and grooms. During the manufacturing process the bristles, are directly incorporated into the body of the brush. No nails, spikes or screws means the chance of injury is reduced to a minimem hygienically unbeatable, but the possibility of splitting does not exist. The longevity of brushes is guaranteed – a good reason toum.. Brush backs are made of a high-quality synthetic material, which not only makes the choose HAAS. All of their brushes are manufactured in Germany.


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