Acavallo Arena Aluplus Aluminium Stirrups


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The Acavallo Arena Aluplus Aluminium Stirrups are designed with high-grade anodized aluminium and fitted with a stainless steel tread to ensure durability. The opening of the locking and release mechanism is specifically positioned a centimetre above the tread to ensure the foot doesn’t slip out unecessarily, yet works effectively in the event of an emergency whilst it also is designed to prevent debris or dirt from the riding boot from blocking the opening of the arm, thus ensuring optimum perfomance during training.

  • Five degree incline of tread to encourage correct posture.
  • Long holes in tread to reduce build up of dirt from boots.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Footbed width: 11.5cm.
  • Approx weight 1.25 kgs


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